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Cattelan Italia

Are you looking for refined furniture and accessories to take your interior to the next level? Then discover the enchanting world of Cattelan Italia at Abitare Interiors. With an impressive selection of dining tables, lamps, coffee tables, chairs and tables, Cattelan Italia brings Italian elegance and style straight to your home.

Sophisticated Dining Tables for Every Occasion

With the unique collection of Cattelan Italia dining tables, every meal becomes a special event. These tables effortlessly combine functionality with sophistication, making them suitable not only for everyday use, but also for formal dining and gatherings. The perfect balance between design and durability makes these dining tables a valuable addition to your dining room.


Light up your life with Cattelan Italia Lamps

Create an atmospheric ambiance in every room with the beautiful collection of Cattelan Italia lamps. Whether you're looking for a statement pendant lamp or a more subtle table lamp, each piece exudes craftsmanship and sophistication. These lamps not only add light to your interior, but also a touch of artistic design.


Comfort and Style with Cattelan Italia Chairs

Cattelan Italia chairs are more than just seating furniture; they are works of art in themselves. Each design combines ergonomic comfort with contemporary elegance. Whether you're looking for dining chairs that enhance your dining experience or iconic chairs that make a statement, this collection has it all.


Timeless Beauty of Cattelan Italia Tables

A table is often the focal point of a room, and with the Cattelan Italia tables this role becomes even more impressive. The tables are available in different styles and materials, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect table that suits your taste and interior. The combination of craftsmanship and design makes these tables true works of art.


The Refined Art of Cattelan Italia Coffee Tables

Add a touch of class to your living room with the striking Cattelan Italia coffee tables. Each piece is designed to make a statement while remaining functional. The refined details and high-quality materials ensure that these coffee tables are a wonderful addition to any seating area.


Discover the Cattelan Italia Collection at Abitare Interiors

At Abitare Interiors we offer you the chance to welcome the opulence and elegance of Cattelan Italia into your home. Browse through our extensive collection and discover the perfect pieces of furniture and accessories that will take your interior to new heights. Choose timeless beauty, Italian craftsmanship and refined style with Cattelan Italia.