Lowest price warranty

We offer designer furniture, designer lighting and the most beautiful home accessories for your home at the lowest price. If you see a lower price somewhere, even up to 14 days after purchase, tell us. After checking, we will immediately adjust the price and refund the difference. The lowest price warranty applies only to providers based in the Netherlands and some providers in Belgium, the shop or web shop.


How does the lowest price warranty work?

If you have made your purchase in-store or online, you can contact us in the store with the original invoice / sales receipt or contact our customer service.

The price difference will be reimbursed if the following conditions are met:

- The item is in new condition by the alternative supplier and can be delivered directly in the original closed factory packaging.

- The item is also provided at the alternative provider with the warranty certificate issued by the official Dutch importer.

- The item must be clearly priced in the store or on the competitor's website.

- The lower price must be able to be checked by us.

- If the lower price is the result of a discount promotion, then we temporarily apply the same promotion conditions (not valid for clearance or empty sales).

- Damage and show articles at alternative providers are excluded from the lowest price warranty offered by us.